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Christopher Many’s bestselling Horizon series was launched with the author’s debut book Left Beyond the Horizon – A Land Rover Odyssey, following his eight year journey around the world between 2002 and 2010. It was published in Germany on 4 July 2011 under the title Hinter dem Horizont links by Delius Klasing. The English edition was released on 17 September 2015. Left Beyond the Horizon is available in printed and electronic versions (Kindle, PDF and ePub) in both English and German languages. For the visually impaired a copy in Braille can be ordered through BLISTA and the German Library for the Blind ( and The author strongly believes that everybody should be allowed to travel the world through literature.

Right Beyond the Horizon – A Motorcycle Odyssey is the second book in the Horizon series, and was published on 19 September 2016 following his four-year voyage from Europe to Australia.

Christopher, who was born in New York City and lived in Scotland and Germany, is bilingual. He writes all his manuscripts in English, and hence, Left Beyond the Horizon and Right Beyond the Horizon were not translated from German, but are the “original versions”. To order, please click on the tabs below, or visit your local book retailer. Thank you and have a wonderful (reading) journey!

Left Beyond the Horizon

A Land Rover Odyssey

In 2002 Christopher Many set off on his second overland journey: a round-the-world voyage with an ailing Land Rover he purchased in Scotland for USD 1000 (or GBP 700). He named the Landy Matilda, and for the next eight years, they travelled through 100 countries. His bestselling book about this Odyssey, Left Beyond the Horizon, was published in 2015.

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Hinter dem Horizont links

A Land Rover Odyssey

Christopher Many brach 2002 zu seiner zweiten Overlandreise auf: eine Weltumrundung in einem alten Land Rover, den er in Schottland für umgerechnet 1000 Euro erworben hatte und Matilda taufte. Zusammen bereisten sie acht Jahre lang rund 100 Länder. Sein Buch über diese Reise, Hinter dem Horizont links, erschien 2011 und wurde zum Bestseller.

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Right Beyond the Horizon

A Motorcycle Odyssey

In 2012, Christopher left on a third trip around the world, this time with his motorcycle Puck. Together with his partner Laura Pattara, they travelled for four years from Europe to Australia. His new book Right Beyond the Horizon – A Motorcycle Odyssey tells the story of his most recent adventure.

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Hinter dem Horizont rechts

Vier Jahre mit dem Motorrad von Europa nach Australien

2012 schwang sich Christopher auf Puck, seiner Yamaha Ténéré, und machte sich zusammen mit seiner Partnerin Laura Pattara auf eine vierjährige Fahrt von Deutschland nach Australien. Hinter dem Horizont rechts erzählt von diesem neuen Abenteuer (Erscheinung: September 2016)

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