Left Beyond the Horizon

A Land Rover Odyssey

200,000 kilometres in eight years across five continents: in other words, just 66 kilometres a day on average, which is quite enough for a classic 1975 Land Rover.

Amidst the Scottish Highlands, battered by the elements, stands a neglected Land Rover. It does not seem to be the ideal vehicle for a trip around the world, but Christopher Many believes otherwise. He has the dream of embarking on an odyssey to the frozen wastelands of Siberia, over to North and South America, and then across the continent of Africa – equipped with little more than a passport, credit card and full tank of petrol. His goal? “To explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no Land Rover has gone before.”

Intelligently and with perseverance, Christopher scours the globe from Mongolia to Somaliland to find out what makes humanity “tick”. Soon enough the adventure turns into a sprawling multidimensional tapestry of philosophical conundrums, turbulent emotions and first-hand observations in nearly 100 countries. When he pulls on a few loose threads, the skein of convention unravels releasing information often at odds with prevailing Western views. Christopher returns eight years later – exhausted, snake-bitten and malaria-infected – but with a truck-load of cherished memories, a greater understanding of the world we live in and ... with the love of his life.

Equal parts sophisticated lexicon of global affairs and darkly witty travel chronicle, his book presents a vivid picture of the agonies and joys of world travel, and asks some very uncomfortable questions … truly going where few have gone before. Take a ride in Matilda’s passenger seat next to this vagabonding philosopher, provided you are not in a rush ...

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Left Beyond the Horizon – A Land Rover Odyssey
8 years - 100 countries - 1,667 breakdowns

310 pages, 39 photos, 5 maps
ISBN: 978-3-6671-0315-4 (Paperback)
ASIN: B07ZJWHPG4 (Kindle)

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Press Reviews

A must-read for anyone interested in learning more about foreign cultures and what makes them “tick”. Convincing and relentless in his pursuit of presenting a clearer global view, the author detonates a concentrated charge of information like few authors have done before.
- Kleine Zeitung

Not only does the author’s curiosity propel him towards foreign countries, cultures and adventures, but his narration also awakens the same curiosity and wanderlust in the reader.
- Neues Volksblatt

This book paints more than a lively picture of a world voyage; it’s also a gripping documentation of global affairs between 2002 and 2010, written by somebody who was actually there.
- Börsen-Kurier

A travelling philosopher, Christopher Many recounts his adventures around the world in his delightful book Left Beyond the Horizon. With wit and a sprinkle of humour, he describes the weird and wonderful as well as political and historical aspects of countries visited.
- Moments Magazin

Christopher Many’s experiences, including the comical, the dangerous and the heart-warming, are enough to fill entire volumes. The manner in which he describes encounters with people and their cultures distinguishes him as an extremely critical observer, who incessantly asks questions, yet never condemns. Come along and enjoy a tour de force of our planet – you’ll understand what it’s like to suffer through -50 degree nights in Siberia, discover how tasty rat-burgers can be, be arrested at the border to Mongolia, or …
- Buchtipps Online

Just do it. Escape from the stress of everyday life and discover the world. Don’t just do what everyone expects of you. Have you ever had similar dreams? This book is more than a travelogue; Christopher experiences places and people with far more intensity than most travel-book authors can, simply because he has time, lots of time. He attempts to understand how the world “ticks”, by the meticulous observation of people he encounters all over the globe. Readers partake in his journey, discover the world and ultimately themselves. This is precisely what makes the book so very unique.
- Genussmaenner Magazin