Right Beyond the Horizon

A Motorcycle Odyssey

What if the journey of a lifetime becomes a lifelong journey?

When people say “life’s a journey”, some take this aphorism more literally than others. Christopher Many embarked on an overland trip in 1997, believing he’d spend no more than a year or two on the road. Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned – 19 years have passed, and he’s still somewhere out there, doing what he loves most: circumnavigating the globe with vehicles of questionable reliability in a quest to understand, through first-hand experience, what makes humanity “tick”.

Right Beyond the Horizon tells the gripping tale of Christopher’s latest voyage between 2012 and 2016: a motorcycle adventure from Germany to Australia, together with his partner Laura Pattara. Their modern-day odyssey follows the ancient Silk Road from Europe to Central Asia, then across the Pamir Mountains into China, where Christopher and Laura become the first overlanders with a foreign vehicle to obtain legal permission to transit the Middle Kingdom unescorted. Four years later they reach the harbour of Denpasar on the Indonesian island of Bali – the gateway to Australia and terminus of the classic trans-Asia overland route.

Come along for an exhilarating ride around the global block with this unusual vagabond and witness all the joys and hardships such a lifestyle entails – every day will be full of surprises and utterly unpredictable! However, you should also be warned: some roads detour into the shadows where the scales of global justice are imbalanced and humanity’s failings are all too evident. There’s also a major risk that, after the last page, you’ll feel inspired to pack your rucksack, free yourself from modern society’s constraints and head off into the sunset indefinitely. You wouldn’t be the first ...

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Right Beyond the Horizon – A Motorcycle Odyssey
From Europe to Australia – four years on two wheels

448 pages, 80 photos, 4 maps
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